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Multiple Teams · Freshmen Baseball Splits DH with Grandville Bulldogs

Grand Ledge Comets Freshman Baseball 4/29/2017

Grand Ledge Comets (8-2) vs. Grandville Bulldogs (14-6)

Freshmen Baseball Comets Split DH with Grandville Bulldogs highlighted by Nate Lehman No-Hitter

Game 1 On an overcast Saturday morning at Gorman Field, the Comets, with P Nate Lehman, started the first inning by retiring the Bulldogs in order 6-3,5-1, K. Comets their took turn at bat starting F-7, then Mason Moore singled to RF and proceeded to reach 3B on two SB. Moore capitalized on a D3S for the game’s first run. The next three Comet batters went K, K (but reached 1B on D3S), K, one LOB.

Grand Ledge 1 Grandville 0

In the second inning, Lehman retired the first Bulldog 6-3. The second batter reached 1B on a D3S, then was FO on a FC. The fourth Bulldog went down F-9, retiring the side, one LOB. The first Comet first batter was dismissed 5-3. Then came the Comet run barrage, ignited by a Jonah Lyon double to LF. The next two Comets reached base E-3, E-6, scoring one run. Caleb Todd hit a LD single that drilled the field umpire, and sent him to the deck causing a time-out. Two runs scored. When play resumed the Comets went K, double to LF by Landen Ashley scoring two runs, BB, double to CF by Devin Gardella scoring two more runs. The next Comet was out 6-3, side retired one LOB.

Grand Ledge 7 Grandville 0

The third inning saw the Bulldogs put down in order by Comet P Lehman K, F-8, K. The Comet third began with a single to LF by Jonah Lyon, BB with CR tagged out 2B, K, single by Caleb Todd driving in one run, 6-3, one LOB.

Grand Ledge 8 Grandville 0

The fourth inning saw the Bulldogs again face Comet P Lehman and go out in order 4-3, 4-3, 5-3. The Comets fared no better at the plate retiring in order LD-4, F-7, K.

Grand Ledge 8 Grandville 0

Comet P Nate Lehman retired the Bulldogs 6-3, 3U, K to complete the fifth inning and the game. Lehman threw a no-hitter, with only one batter reaching base on a D3S.

FINAL SCORE: Grand Ledge 8 Grandville 0

Pitching: Nate Lehman

Scoring: Jonah Lyon (2), Mason Moore, Caleb Todd, Landen Ashley, Cam DeLong, Hunter Poullion, Ryan Hookey

Game 2 The Bulldogs came out with a different line-up in the second game, with only one player returning from the first game. In the first inning, the Bulldogs, facing Comet P Ryan Hookey, scored two runs going K, E-9, back-to-back singles, BT single, SAC F-8, then side retired on a nice pick-off 1-3. The Comets led off with a single by Caleb Todd followed by a Mason Moore single, then BB. The next Comet batter hit into a 5U-3 DP followed by 1-3 to end the first inning, two LOB.

Grand Ledge 1 Grandville 2

The second inning was big for the Bulldogs, sending six batters to the plate against Comets P Hookey, going F-3, single, BT 1-3, E-8, single, BT single, K, double to LF. Then Comet P Caleb Todd came in relief of Hookey with two outs, facing the final two batters who went double, F-6, one LOB. In the bottom of the second inning, the Comets responded with a single to LF by Will Jerzak, single to LF by Jonah Lyon, then K, 1-3, LD-5, two LOB.

Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 7

In the third inning, Grandville sent six batters to the plate to face Todd, scoring one run, then going F-2, single, SAC BT, E-8, single and LD-6. Two LOB. The Comets retired in order F-5, 1-3, F-8.

Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 8

The fourth inning saw the Bulldogs single to RF, then K, K, 6-3, one LOB. The Comets responded in the fourth inning K, 5-3, double by Alex Guierrez, BB, and 5U, 2 LOB.

Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 8

The fifth inning was a draw as well, with the Bulldogs getting a BB, K, then a PO 1-3 for the second out. Caleb Todd entered the game for the Comets, in relief of P Ryan Hookey, to retire the side. The Comets started the bottom of the fifth with a double by Caleb Todd, then K, 6-3, K, one LOB.

Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 8

The sixth inning had Landen Ashley pitching for the Comets. The Bulldogs started with a single to RF, followed by K, K, F-8, one LOB. The first two Comet batters hit LD-6, then Jonah Lyon hit a single to RF, but was LOB as the final Comet out of the inning came via 5-3.

Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 8

In the seventh inning the Bulldogs started the final frame F-9, then put two runners on base BB, E-9, trying to pad their lead, but the Comets retired the next two batters FC FO 5U, LD-6, two LOB. The Comets ended the game retiring in order 3U, F-1, F-1.

FINAL: Grand Ledge 2 Grandville 8