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Girls Junior Varsity Pom Pon, Girls Varsity Pom Pon · Pom Teams Score Top Trophies at Byron Center Invitational

The Grand Ledge Pompon teams brought home additional trophies for their showcase after having a remarkable day at the Byron Center Invitational in late November.

The Varsity team received first place in traditional pom, first place in high kick, and were awarded the Tracy Weber Unity Award.

The Tracy Weber Unity Award is an award created to honor the late Tracy Weber, Bryon Center’s Pompon coach. She was known to value team unity and good sportsmanship above all else. Each year the team that displays exemplary unity, sportsmanship, and dedication to their sport along with support of competing teams throughout the Invitational receives the distinct honor of taking home the Tracy Weber Unity Award. Proud to be a Comet at home and on the road!

Representing the Grand Ledge Varsity Pompon team are seniors Hannah Bacon, Aliyah Clark, Katie Fallon, Kaylie Roberts, and Ally Young, juniors Sierra DeRosia, Madi Douglas, Sidney Douglas, Mara Gober, Larissa Kilgore, Delaney Lee, Nina NcNary, and Devon Sencyzszyn, sophomore, Abbie Frazer, and freshmen Hannah Lee and Shanna Vollmar. They are coached by Patty Sanchez with assistance from Elyse Fox.

Pom - Middle SchoolThe Middle School team received first place in traditional pom, and first place in high kick as well. Representing the Middle School Pompon teams are Brooklynn B, Jordan B, Madison B, Nyah D, McKahla D, Marissa H, Nicole J, Jacalyn L, Pacience L, Madelyn M, Gracie M, Olivia N, Natalia P, Madison R, Claire S, Alaiyah S, and Ireland Y. They are coached by Devan Dodge with assistance from Natalya Iversen.

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